Literary Texts towards negotiating the Practical Problems of Life : A Model

Dr Ravindra Pratap Singh Professor, Dept. of English and Modern European Languages, University of Lucknow ( Abstract The present paper discusses the association of literature with the real-life situation with reference to an essay “Of Studies” written by English essayist Francis Bacon. Bacon’s text “Of Studies” well appropriates the purpose and utility of reading, writing […]

Art Forms as Narrative of Resistance: A Glance at the Art Forms of Mavilan Tribe

Dr. Lillykutty Abraham Department of English, Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous) ( Abstract This paper attempts to delve into the art forms of the Mavilan tribe of the Kannur and Kasaragod districts of Kerala. The art forms focused in the paper include oral songs, theyyam and mangalamkali. The paper, based on ethnographic research, examines the efforts […]

Re-contextualization and Representation of Folk Art in Advertising

Dr. Manash Pratim Goswami Associate Professor, Dept. of Media and Communication, Central University of Tamil Nadu ( Dr. Soubhagya Ranjan Padhi Professor, Dept. of Sociology & Social Anthropology, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University ( Abstract Although art and advertising are ideologically distant apart, yet they share a close and entwined relationship. Art imitates life and […]

“Can a Pulaya Speak of His Life?”: Autobiography as Ethnography in Kallen Pokkudan’s Kandalk kadukalk kidayile Ente Jeevitham

Liju Jacob Kuriakose Research Scholar, Department of English, NIT Puducherry ( Smrutisikta Mishra Assistant Professor, Department of English, NIT Puducherry ( Abstract Autobiographies of individuals from marginalized communities have often been sites of epistemological resistances placed against the mainstream narratives of history that sideline and denigrate the former. Marginalized autobiographies thus become a recording of […]