Out of Lesbian Bond, Heterosexual Bound as A Metaphorical Suicide: A Lesbo-Anomic Reading of Shobhaa De’s Snapshots

Dipak Giri Ph. D. Research Scholar, Raiganj University (West Bengal)(dipakgiri84@yahoo.in) Abstract Anomie in sociology is a condition that distances an individual from prevailing social standards or norms. An anomic state of mind suffers social alienation and self-distancing. When an individual becoming victim of anomie, prefers the path of suicide, such individual deems to be called […]

Demystifying Anthropocentrism: Othering and Identity in The Vigil by Sarah Joseph

Gayathri Varma U Research Scholar,Department of English,St. Joseph’s College, (Autonomous)(Kerala) (rgv13.94@gmail.com) Abstract The paper is an attempt to read the novel Oorukaaval(2008) by the Malayalam writer Sarah Joseph, translated as The Vigil (2014), a reworking of select episodes of the Ramayana through the perspective of Angadan, Bali’s son,in the light of present-day ecological, animal-centric awareness. […]