(For the scholars of Culture, Assamese Literature and English Literature)

South Asian Literature in the Context of Multinational Capitalism

Do the South Asian nations have to adapt themselves to a new cultural dynamics due to the advent of a multinational capitalism? The societies of this part of the world have their own spatial identities and now the growth of this capitalism, as it were, has its impact upon the private and public worlds of the people of this region. At times there is angst over this new paradigm and the tensions thereof lead to some new literary and cultural narratives. The Drishti: the Sight therefore plans to contextualize its successive issue of November, 2024 (Vol.XIII,Issue II) in terms of this “situational consciousness” as being experienced by the region.

The objectives of this issue would basically be to enquire:

  • Are cultures and identities in crisis due to this new development?
  • Could there be rather advantages from this new situation for the South Asians, as this entry of the multinational capitalism may play the role of a leveling force in cultural transformation?
  • Is the humanity facing an unprecedented type of alteration of its social interaction due to the corporate and crony capitalism?

(For the scholars of Folklore)

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