Negotiating the Dichotomy of Tradition and Modernity in Girish Karnad’s “Hayavadana and Bali”

Alimpa Bhuyan Ph D Research Scholar, Department of English Assam University, Diphu Campus Dr. Anup Kumar Dey Associate Professor, Department of English Assam University, Diphu Campus Abstract The value-laden Indian tradition is firmly rooted on the age old customs, beliefs and its staunch application in the lives of Indian people. The affirmation and continuity of […]

An Ecocritical Study of the Origin Myths and Totems of the Karbis

Aftafizur Rahman Research Scholar, Department of English, USTM, Meghalaya Dr. Pritam Priya Goswami Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, USTM, Meghalaya Abstract Ecocriticism shares the fundamental belief that human culture is connected to the physical world, affecting it and affected by it. As a theory it negotiates between the human and the non-human. It studies the […]