Focus Area for Nov 2020 Issue

Announcement Special focus on the subject: TRAUMA from the different perspectives and theoretical frameworks in the areas of English literature, Assamese literature, folklore and culture The literary scholars have been into a reasonably nuanced understanding of relationship between consciousness, trauma and literature/language and thus the Trauma Theory has been gaining ground amongst the literary studies. […]

Negotiating the Dichotomy of Tradition and Modernity in Girish Karnad’s “Hayavadana and Bali”

Alimpa Bhuyan Ph D Research Scholar, Department of English Assam University, Diphu Campus Dr. Anup Kumar Dey Associate Professor, Department of English Assam University, Diphu Campus Abstract The value-laden Indian tradition is firmly rooted on the age old customs, beliefs and its staunch application in the lives of Indian people. The affirmation and continuity of […]