Treatment of Man-Nature Relationship in Dhruba Hazarika’s Luck

Sanjib Das Research scholar (M.Phil), Dibrugarh University(Assam) Abstract Dhruba Hazarika is an eminent writer from North-East India who writes in English language. In his writings, Hazarika has a profound impact on the reader’s mind through his depiction of the relation between human and the world of nature. His writings are ornamented by natural elements such […]

Ecology, Culture and Postcolonialism: An Eco-critical Reading of Indira Goswami’s “The Moth-Eaten Howdah of the Tusker”

Risha Baruah Research Scholar, Cotton University Abstract In this paper, an eco-critical analysis shall be attempted of the novel: The Moth-Eaten Howdah of the Tusker (2004) by Indira Goswami . The novel has as its thematic framework the ever-growing tension between humans and the ecological world.The novel is like a primary handbook to understand the […]