Metaphysics of Nature in Northeast Indian Writing in English

Dr. Nigamananda Das Professor, Department of English, Nagaland University Abstract In his The Red River and the Blue Hill (1954), Hem Barua for the first time canonically defined the Northeast India. Writing in English in the Northeast cropped up sporadically thereafter and was intensified after 2000 AD. The Northeast is geographically sandwiched between two major […]

The Tales of Therianthropes and Otherkins : A Study of the ‘others’ in Nature as Represented in Easterine Kire’s novel Don’t Run, My Love and When the River Sleeps

Nawab Tabassum Yasmin Research Scholar, Gauhati University (Assam) Abstract Folklores and nature are like two sides of the same coin. The stories that are narrated to children are enriched with lessons about nature and society. The witches and were-tigers form a large part of every folk tradition. These elements instill in us a sense of […]

In Search of a Regional Framework of Theatre : An Analysis of Sukracharjya Rabha’s Theatre

Manabendra Sarma Assistant Professor, Department of English, B.Borooah College It is difficult to ascertain the ‘mainstream’ in Indian theatre. The extremely eclectic developments in Indian theatre has complicated the location of a ‘mainstream’ which in turn made it difficult to define the ‘alternative’ theatre practices. However, in Indian theatre, the second half of twentieth century […]