Focus Area for November 2024 Issue

(For the scholars of Culture, Assamese Literature and English Literature) South Asian Literature in the Context of Multinational Capitalism Do the South Asian nations have to adapt themselves to a new cultural dynamics due to the advent of a multinational capitalism? The societies of this part of the world have their own spatial identities and […]

Focus Area for May 2024 Issue

The complex and varied world of disability is an emerging area of research.  Though disability is a common phenomenon in all societies, yet it has always been given a marginalized status. However, over time, disability is no longer regarded as a medical problem located in a person’s body. The proliferation of interdisciplinary approaches has shifted […]

Focus Area for November 2023 Issue

FOLKLORE, LITERATURE AND SOCIETY: READING CULTURE-SIGNIFYING PRACTICES FROM NORTHEAST Folklore and literature are culture-signifying practices socially produced by cultural beings in a material environment. They exist to substantiate inherent cultural values, traditions and genealogy of cultural knowledge, life practices and belief system along with traces of historical transformation and the material and epistemological underpinnings of […]

Announcement regarding submissions for May 2023 Issue

The Drishti:the Sight invites research papers for its May 2023 Issue (Vol. XII, Issue I). There will be no common focus area for writing articles for this issue. Authors may send articles on a topic in any of the areas of English Literature, Assamese Literature, Folklore, Culture. Authors are requested to read the Call for […]