Out of Lesbian Bond, Heterosexual Bound as A Metaphorical Suicide: A Lesbo-Anomic Reading of Shobhaa De’s Snapshots

Dipak Giri Ph. D. Research Scholar, Raiganj University (West Bengal)(dipakgiri84@yahoo.in) Abstract Anomie in sociology is a condition that distances an individual from prevailing social standards or norms. An anomic state of mind suffers social alienation and self-distancing. When an individual becoming victim of anomie, prefers the path of suicide, such individual deems to be called […]

Demystifying Anthropocentrism: Othering and Identity in The Vigil by Sarah Joseph

Gayathri Varma U Research Scholar,Department of English,St. Joseph’s College, (Autonomous)(Kerala) (rgv13.94@gmail.com) Abstract The paper is an attempt to read the novel Oorukaaval(2008) by the Malayalam writer Sarah Joseph, translated as The Vigil (2014), a reworking of select episodes of the Ramayana through the perspective of Angadan, Bali’s son,in the light of present-day ecological, animal-centric awareness. […]

Focus Area for November 2021 Issue

Gender And Its Representation In Literature And Popular Culture Gender has been an issue, inextricably related in various forms to literature and popular culture. Gender as a cultural concept cuts across the traditional notion of a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’. It has rather encompassed all kinds of human existence. In the post modern era, gender […]