“Can a Pulaya Speak of His Life?”: Autobiography as Ethnography in Kallen Pokkudan’s Kandalk kadukalk kidayile Ente Jeevitham

Liju Jacob Kuriakose Research Scholar, Department of English, NIT Puducherry (lijumoolayil@gmail.com) Smrutisikta Mishra Assistant Professor, Department of English, NIT Puducherry (smruti@nitpy.ac.in) Abstract Autobiographies of individuals from marginalized communities have often been sites of epistemological resistances placed against the mainstream narratives of history that sideline and denigrate the former. Marginalized autobiographies thus become a recording of […]

Revisiting Masterpieces of Literature Through Indian Aesthetics: A Myth Of Devotion, a river sutra & NAVEEN PATNAIK

Dr. Kalikinkar Pattanayak Former Associate Professor in English, Khallikote University (Kalikinkar.pattanayak@gmail.com) Abstract S. Eliot’s statement that novelty is better than repetition holds good in creation and revaluation of masterpieces of literature. Indian Aesthetics is based upon the principle that intuition rather than intellect is secret to the deeper understanding and maximum aesthetic enjoyment of literary […]

Theatrical Space and Visibility of Children’s Concerns in Ramu Ramanathan’s Play The Boy Who Stopped Smiling

Nehal Hardik Thakkar Research Scholar, K.E.T’s V.G.Vaze College (nehalthakkar1202@gmail.com) Abstract In India, a lot of pressure is imposed on children for performing better than others in the examination. For many, the parents decide which career they should opt as they are considered incapable ofmaking decisions for themselves. Children are given no individual space and their […]

A Critical Discourse on Aesthetics in Contemporary Indian Dalit Literature

Limbad Girishkumar Nagjibhai Ph.D Research Scholar, Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University (limbad.girishlimbad@gmail.com) Abstract This paper is an attempt to study Aesthetics in contemporary Indian Dalit literature. Dalit literature is prominently a literature of social reform and awareness. In the second half of the 20th century, Dalit literature has emerged as a new literary current to address the […]