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In the next (May, 2020) issue of Drishti:the Sight

Northeastern literature refers to the literature in the languages of the eastern corner-most region of India, popularly known as the Northeast India. The region unfurls a unique colourful mosaic of entity with its expansive beautiful wilderness, blue hills and countless rivers crisscrossing in different hills and valleys. The singularly unique tranquility of its nature however stands in sheer contrast to its troubled political climate. Here lives umpteen numbers of ethnic groups. Always in the centre of attraction for the outsiders and the travelers, the region is also immensely rich in its literary landscape. Authors and poets from the region are able to hold the imagination of the readers by their writings and it has since been able to build up a genre of its own with a heritage uniquely poised for itself.

The region also resourceful in terms of  writers who have built a rich tradition of writing literature in the English language. They hold their place of eminence in the overall Indian English language literature. The cultural ethos of the region’s people and the interculturalism also have their unique impetus upon the output in this regard.

The Northeast region cannot be picturised in mind without a reference to its nature. Blessed by the pristine nature, the souls of the people of the region naturally nurture a special fascination for their land, their soil and their cultures, in spite of the political upheavals and sporadic violence witnessed by them affecting their everyday life. Both nature and agriculture bear a lot upon the wonderfully diverse cultural life of the people of the region, their mode of expression, and their lifestyle and belief systems.

In view of all this, Drishti:the Sight wishes to reflect upon the different aspects of the literature and the cultural life of the region in its successive issues.

To begin with, we propose to focus upon the area of REPRESENTATION OF NATURE IN NORTHEASTERN LITERATURE IN ENGLISH in the next issue (May, 2020) of the journal. Scholars may take any sub-theme and topic centering this focus area. The last date for receiving articles in this regard is: January 31, 2020.

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