Focus Area for May 2022 Issue

Literature and film have an affiliation since the early years of cinema as filmmakers and scriptwriters adapted or were inspired by mythology, drama, poetry or biblical stories. Although they are two distinct mediums of representation, their associations lie in methodology and object of study. Film can be read following theories like Marxism, Feminism, Psychoanalysis, Postcolonialism, […]

Focus Area for November 2021 Issue

Gender And Its Representation In Literature And Popular Culture Gender has been an issue, inextricably related in various forms to literature and popular culture. Gender as a cultural concept cuts across the traditional notion of a ‘man’ or a ‘woman’. It has rather encompassed all kinds of human existence. In the post modern era, gender […]

Focus Area for May 2021 Issue

Rewriting Mythology Mythologies, irrespective of culture and society, have played crucial role in delineating and instituting meaning, identity and patterns of life practices while making myths tangible through symbols, stories and rituals. As cultural construct and, in turn, constructors of culture, mythology and culture have intrinsic mutuality influencing customs, behavior and even ways communications. In […]

Focus Area for Nov 2020 Issue

Announcement Special focus on the subject: TRAUMA from the different perspectives and theoretical frameworks in the areas of English literature, Assamese literature, folklore and culture The literary scholars have been into a reasonably nuanced understanding of relationship between consciousness, trauma and literature/language and thus the Trauma Theory has been gaining ground amongst the literary studies. […]