A Tale of Divided Identity of the Indian Chinese in Rita Chowdhury’s Chinatown Days

Rini Banerjee Assistant Professor,Department of English, Sarupathar Colllege(Assam) Abstract Migration is an important event in the history of human beings. Several factors are responsible for migration such as unemployment, population growth, political oppression, racism etc. Migration depends on the social circumstances faced by individuals. However, with the rise of the colonies of the Western world […]

Professional Prejudices and Bonding among Women in Falling From Grace

Dr. Subhash Verma Asstt. Prof. of English, Govt. College Sarkaghat (H.P.) Abstract The plays of Hannie Rayson, a Melbourne based contemporary Australian playwright, depict current opportunities for women in terms of expanded educational and career choices, which have in turn led to complexities in women’s relationship with men and a shift in family arrangements. Her […]