Poetic Justice Vis-A-Vis Power: A Reading of Ghashiram Kotwal

Lakshminath Kagyung Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Dibrugarh University Email: l.kagyung@gmail.com Abstract How far can a man go to avenge humiliation he has suffered; can he go to the extent of selling his daughter to that end? Vijay Tendulkar in his play Ghashiram Kotwal deals with very pertinent questions and issues: who is responsible for […]

The Cosmopolitan Shakespeare: A Study of The Merchant of Venice in Modern Perspective

Dr. Rabi Narayana Samantaray Dept. of English, Aeronautics College, (Berhampur University), Odisha Email: drrabi1967@gmail.com Abstract William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice as a sixteenth century English drama incorporates many elements of cosmopolitanism and has a universal appeal. The title of the play is suggestive of the broader themes that Shakespeare wishes to encompass within the […]